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Decompression is a revolutionary new treatment protocol backed by current research and providing excellent results!

The Decompression Traction System is an innovative new treatment system for low back pain, sciatica, neck, and arm pain. Decompression is effective, safe, and cost-effective, and offers hope for the millions of people who suffer from neck and low back pain every day.

Public demand and acceptance by chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and insurance carriers are driving the expansion of Spinal Decompression Centers, making it the standard of care for chronic neck and back pain. For people who sufferer neck pain, low back pain, or chronic low back pain, Decompression can be the answer to ending years of discomfort.

Cervical and lumbar disc problems such as herniations and degenerative disc disease, and even injuries brought on by sports or work, can be treated easily, comfortably and non-surgically with Decompression Therapy.

Why Add Decompression?

We saw the need for innovation. Though used for decades, mechanical traction remained a rather primitive modality done with the aid of a simple motorized pull unit. Though effective in some areas, these inflexible units were unable to replicate the nuanced manipulations of the clinician's gentle pulls. As other medical equipment became digitized, computerized, modernized, and user-friendly, mechanical traction's unsophisticated operating system and cumbersome belting configurations remained largely unchanged. By adding proper belting, patient positioning, pull angulation, and various pull patterns, innovative manufacturers were able to design systems that could more effectively help doctors and therapists heal their patients and get them out of pain. Spinal decompression is not your Daddy's traction. It is subtle, sophisticated - and IT WORKS!