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ADA Tax Credit

Another good reason to buy an Elevation Table or a Decompression System

$ Money to You! $

Because your elevation table is designed to lower enough to transfer a wheelchair-bound patient or raise high enough to transfer a patient from a gurney, you can now effectively treat many disabled patients that you couldn?t treat before.

Example of buying two Chattanooga elevation tables (2 x $4,950 = $9,900). These are close approximations. No Purchase vs. 2 New Elevation Tables

You save $6658.00 and get two brand new Chattanooga Tables!

Explanation of the numbers:

  • ADA Tax Credit Section 44 on 9,900 - 250 + $9,650 X 50% = $4,825 (This is cash credit amount to you)
  • Section 179 Tax Deduction 4,825 (This comes from the balance of the table cost) X 38% = $1,833 (This is your deduction amount)
  • Total money back to you with tax credit and deduction is $6,658
  • You get approximately 65% - 70% of your money back and you get two new tables that will last you for years.
  • Ask your accountant for Form #8826 The Disabled Access Credit or

Don't loose out on this opportunity to protect your own back and the opportunity to treat new patients. Take advantage of the tax credit before it is no longer available.

Order your elevation table, decompression system this year!